Big Boy!

Reuven is 7 pounds 13 ounces already — a pound over his birth weight. Considering how frequently he guzzles milk, and how long he sleeps, it isn’t terribly surprising. He already looks much sturdier than he did at birth!

Unfortunately, he also has terrible heat rash, especially on his face (which looks uncannily like acne, and makes one wonder just how bad his complexion will be as a teenager). He also has terrible eye “goop” in his left eye, apparently a result of vernix in the tear ducts. He also has a raspberry birth mark on the back of his neck… which won’t be problematic if we remember to style his hair appropriately to hide it.

All told, he’s completely healthy, all his bits are intact, and he’s growing well. Next appointment won’t be for another six weeks, and then he gets to begin the fun of vaccinations!

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