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Random Recipe Attempts

We tried to make Toad in the Hole today. It’s one of those things that, not being even vaguely British, I’ve never had. However, generous doses of Britcoms on PBS have exposed me to the idea of the dish. (Nothing much beyond the idea; I didn’t really know what was in it.)

So, when I found a very simple recipe for it, I had to try.

Taste-wise it was ok. It’s rather hard to make sausages taste bad, after all! The most fun was cooking: parts of the batter poofed up like crazy, possibly because of spots of too much oil underneath (or possibly that’s what it’s supposed to do, I don’t know for sure). It is very easy, fun for the kids (Lillian loved laying the sausages toads in neat rows, and chided me when they rolled out of position), and… well, not all that healthy, I guess



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Defeated by a cracker…


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Much Ado About Easter

Today was loads of fun. We went to an Easter Egg Hunt in Sesquicentennial State Park, which was a lot more games and entertainment than just an egg hunt. The Southern Pride Rabbit and Cavy Club had a table with a lot of rabbits on display — both kids loved petting them.
image07085.jpg image07087.jpg image07089.jpg
It was hilarious to compare Reuven, a nine months old baby, to a Flemish Giant.

A Flemish Giant’s weight should be anywhere from 14-22 pounds. Or even more!

The one at the park definitely looked like it was on the high side of that range.

There were also assorted games available, at which everybody won something at (even if it was just a small piece of candy). We even did some hula-hooping (is that a verb?)… and this picture just begged to be turned into an animated gif!
Brett and Hula Hoop

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