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Lillian the Ballerina

Lillian had a dance recital Wednesday night, and she did great!

We’ll be getting a better quality video of the whole performance in a couple weeks. In the meantime, here’s the footage that we shot at the recital… while you can’t clearly see their faces, it’s still adorable.

Lillian is the first girl to chassé onto the stage as they circle, then the first to chassé and kneel in line. She got distracted while kneeling, and was trying to find us in the audience (but didn’t have a chance, it was dark and we were a few rows back), and didn’t notice when everybody stood up. Oh well, she figured it out soon enough…

All the girls had a wonderful time and did a good job. We were worried that one had too much stage fright (the last dancer to chassé in the circle) but she came through!

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