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Inflating the Hindenburg

Two weeks ago, Reuven’s 30-week ultrasound estimated his weight at just over 3 pounds. They also estimate that he’ll be just under 7 pounds when he’s born.

While I am fond of the idea of a small baby (as opposed to a 15-pounder, or the world-record heaviest viable baby on record: 22 lb 8 oz [Guinness Book of World Records]), I can’t help but be disturbed by the idea that my stomach is going to double in size in the next six weeks. It already hurts.

In a spirit of patience and humility, however, I have decided to look forward to the day AFTER he is born, when I will once again be able to roll over, hold more than a teaspoon of urine in my bladder, and walk without a waddle. (I just wish I was better at patience and humility.)

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